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Rosemary Scott - Redrockit

I'm a creative person. Actually, that's too simplistic. I have one of those chronic compulsions to be creating one way or another each and every day.

It's a calling that I recognise for what it is - the need to nurture a vital part of my soul in the same way that my body needs to be nurtured by food, water, and shelter. Yes, I know that sounds like it should form the synopsis of a sappy romance novel, but that's just how it is.  Creativity is how I process the world around me. Without it I'm likely to be a wobbling mess of jelly on the floor.

My signature works draw their influence from a number of themes; primarily my love of the vast mythologies of the world, theological esoterica, the etched illustrations of the Victorian era, gothic literature and the macabre, social and pop culture, and contemporary feminism.

I work predominantly in watercolour and coloured pencil, with a generous helping of ink, acrylic and digital media thrown into the mix.


My personal life

I share my life with my husband and two amazing children - two boys that make me smile and laugh countless times a day. 

We live in the Hobart area of beautiful Tasmania, Australia - it's a cool climate, visually stunning and far from the bustle of big city life - a lifestyle that suits me perfectly. While I love the excitement and creativity of larger cities, this one helps to keep me grounded in a way that I've never found possible elsewhere.

We share our home with my best canine friend Toby, a jowly Great Dane.

The works featured in the galleries here are all available for purchase in various formats around the www. After all, so much of the great joy in creativity comes from seeing others finding equal joy in it. 


There I am! The "Redrockit" name was given to me many years ago by a friend who was taken with my red hair and my need to always be asking questions about simply everything.

 That's the boys

That's the boys

 That's one small piece of Tasmania, the beautiful part of the world in which I live.

That's one small piece of Tasmania, the beautiful part of the world in which I live.