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This is exciting! I can feel we're on the cusp of embarking upon a beautiful relationship...

(in a totally non creepy stalky way, of course)

There's so many things you could want to contact me about :

  • you want to know more information about one of my works
  • you want to commission me
  • you'd love me to interview you or feature your work on my blog

Or perhaps :

  • you're keen to share a deep and meaningful chat about the wonders of working in ink
  • you simply know that we'll bond over our shared love of up-cycling found treasures
  • you used to own a Great Dane too and now have a scoliosis caused by his constant need to lean his enormous weight on you
  • you have a Ripley cat too, and want to show off by telling me how many Xenomorphs yours has slain.
  • You want to share your own contact details with me, because building a kick-ass social network with like minded creative types is awesome!


So, if any of these reasons suit you, or if you have a different one altogether, then please, go ahead and fill out your details in the form and I'll be sure to get back to you.